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Sugar Mountain Music Festival - Installation - invited entry

Working with the concept of sugar MOUNTAIN, we are linking the installation to the ‘Sugar Mountain’ name. Creating a spatial experience where the public enjoy the performances under a mountain of 300 umbrellas that float above allowing for shade, colour and shelter to enhance the spectacular stage performances. During the day the Umbrella structure will give dappled light to the public and at night work as lanterns with small lights attached to the umbrellas. The umbrellas are purchased off the shelf from stores such as Ikea where a single unit is $4. They are supported by a system of cables and temporary fixing into steel supports at the edges of the site. The installation can be erected in a day and reused as is needed. Furthermore the installation is 100% recyclable as the umbrellas will remain in tact, ready to give away or reuse at the next event in a different configuration.

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