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House - with Estudio Carme Pinós

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia


House - with Estudio Carme Pinós

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Zilka Studio is working collaboratively with Estudio Carme Pinós on a private residence in Byron Bay, New South Wales. The proposed new dwelling responds to the steep terrain of the site. This response takes into consideration the natural rainforest surrounding the site where the house acts as a visual bridge, linking the landscapes. 

The new dwelling is composed of two volumes that fold together and where they overlap, a circulation zone is created that provides a visual and physical link between the rainforest environment below and above the site. The splitting up of the house into 2 articulated volumes reduces the mass and the animated operable timber sun shading further integrate the delicate trees that surround the site. Landscape and built elements have been considered together to produce an integrated solution that does not separate house from landscape but rather sees them as spaces flowing from dwelling to landscape and from landscape to back to dwelling. It is a sensitive solution to a precious site that is unique in the Byron Shire.

Project Phase: In Construction

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