Brick curtain house included additions and alterations to existing exposed brick Edwardian House. The young family of 5 needed flexible spaces and a house that would adapt to the changing demands of a growing family. The addition included 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, large open plan living, private study that doubles as a media room, kitchen, play room that will turn into a living space when children are older, laundry, kitchen, and pool with flexible outdoor spaces to respond to the sporting interests of the children. The house used recycled redbrick to link the old with the new but exploited the possibility of brick construction by allowing it to wrap around the second storey addition and open to the garden. 


Publications: Houses Magazine, House and Garden, Bathrooms and Kitchens exhibited as part of the DIA women in design and Nascent Present exhibition.

Awards: Horbury Hunt award for alterations and additions, shortlisted AIA award.