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2019 NGV pavilion entry

The 2019 NGV summer pavilion entry titled Inflate, creates a discourse between the archive collection of the NGV and the Grollo Equiset garden. The proposal looks at the garden as if it is a city, using the existing sculptures to define parts of the garden. Bernard Tschumi states that “architecture is not defined by its formal container but by its combinations of spaces and movements and events”.
Drawing from contemporary art and curation practice which seeks to create new relationships with art, Inflate takes key elements from a selection in the NGV archive and inflates them positioning them throughout the garden. Their placement is based on the qualities of the garden, where the density of trees, existing sculptures, water features and views from the gallery all dictate the placement and selection of the inflatables and how they are used. Visitors are given an opportunity to playfully interact with elements of the artwork now freed from the canvas, developing their own connection and story with the works.

Project phase: Competition

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