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MPavilion with Estudio Carme Pinos

2018 pavilion located in the Queen Victoria Gardens, St Kilda Road, Melbourne 


After meeting Carme Pinos at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where Leanne was studying for her Masters of Architecture in the March II program, Leanne has kept in touch with Carme and the two have always talked of doing a project together. When Carmes office was selected for the MPavilion by the Naomi Milgrom foundation, City of Melbourne and Victorian Government, Leanne and Estudio Carme Pinos were given the opportunity to finally collaborate. ZILKA Studio is the architect of record for the MPavilion and has been working to ensure Carmes vision is carried through to completion. This is the beginning of more projects to come between ECP and ZILKA Studio. Stay tuned.....


Project phase: completed - photo credits John Gollings

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