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Fisher St Apartments

Petersham, NSW, Australia



Petersham, NSW, Australia

Rapid development driven by planning changes which allows for multI-residential developments up to 4 storeys high has allowed for tiny sites that were previously accommodating one dwelling to become multi-residential sites.

The challenge of this site measuring just 640m2 and exposed on 2 sides to traffic was to make a contribution to the neighbourhood that was a hub for the Portuguese community. The rapid development in the area has seen the single dwelling and shop-house fabric of the area replaced by speculative developments including boarding houses which have greater density than normal apartment buildings and are built to minimum standards.

This multi-residential apartment block hugs the street as does the post office opposite creating a robust corner to this rapidly changing fabric. Creating a variety of terrace space for the residents allows for a dynamic mix of apartments which can enjoy the active street life. Ground floor establishes retail to ensure there is a dialogue between both sides of Audley street and gives the public the opportunity to enjoy both sides of the street. Materially picking up on the NSW dark brick that is predominant in the area speaks to context while creating a new volume of residential activity. 


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