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Textile fabrication technology applied to large scale architectural installations


Utilising the large scale industrial Shima Seiki 3D knitting technologies has the capacity to produce architectural form and materiality. This collaboration between Leanne Zilka and Jenny Underwood has been commissioned by NGV for an installation in the NGVs Sampling The Future in 2021. This installation shows the versatility and ease with which textile fabrication technologies can produce complex form at the scale of architecture. There were 11 pieces installed that had a customised shape translated from an architectural drawing done in millimeters to a large scale knitted element measured in pixels. The translation between these two very different worlds shows the fertile ground that cross disciplinary design brings as well as the untapped potential of industrial fabrication tools that have only been used in the world of garments. 


Project phase: Part of the NGV sampling the future exhibition in 2021

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